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Can i do it for you - known as CIDIFY. A young creative based independent design initiative, where eye candy & engaging websites, killer applications, awesome designs and brands are made.

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A few selected projects worked at Cidify. To View the private works, you can request a password by filling the following form.

    Client: Dean Mac Adam
    Project Type: Website

    Dean Mac Adam is a US based freelance illustrator. His expertise is in making “laugh out loud” funny illustrations.

    Being an illustrator, he was very specific about the quality and details of the images. Cidify developed his website in flash, as he needed few very subtle animations through out the site. Later on, for his growing business we developed the same for iPad. He is one of our satisfied customers.
    Status: Online

    Client: Global PC Direct
    Project Type: Website and Logo

    Created the logo and the website.

    The Client wanted to show the emotional side and benefits of the product in his website rather than portray a technical product. Also wanted to give a bold expression for images used and the concept.
    Status: In Progress


All the brands listed here are direct and indirect clients. Cidify is privileged to collaborate with some of these via certain agencies.


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